St. Mary’s goes to robotics tournament

March 31, 2018 by  

The robotics team known as Trial ‘N Terror from the St. Mary’s in Medford, Oregon recently attended the FTC West Tournament with 71 other teams from 13 states this month.

This year’s tech challenge asked the robotics teams to design a robot that matched the Relic Recovery theme set by the tournament. In order to meet these requirements, the robots would have to be able to balance stones, collect jewels without the assistance of a team member, move and arrange brown and gray blocks, and collect small statues. The faster and the most easily a robot can accomplish these tasks, the better the score it will have in the competition.

To honor their coach, Kent Dauterman, the team from St. Mary’s decided to name their device ‘Dent Kauterman’. Their robot has already received awards and recognition such as the ‘Inspire’ award, which was given to them for being one of the best overall teams in the competition, and a design award for the impressiveness of the robot’s design. Some team members, such as Gordon Dauterman and Calix Kim, received recognition for their achievements by the school’s dean as well.

For more information regarding the FIRST Tech Challenge, visit their website and click on the competition information located next to the FIRST Relic Challenge logo design. To learn more about the robotics team at St. Mary’s, visit the school website.