Photo red light program to expand

September 21, 2017 by  

The photo red light program, a program designed by the police department in Medford, Oregon to decrease the number of accidents and traffic violations, will be expanding this year.

The program first began in 2002 when the Medford Police Department installed the first two red light cameras. Since the cameras have been installed, the city has seen a 38% decrease in traffic violations, a 46%decrease in crashes at intersections where red light cameras have been placed, and has noticed that 58% of those who are caught by the red light cameras are not citizens of Medford.

Recently, an additional two cameras were placed in the downtown area of Medford. One camera was placed at the intersection of Eighth Street and Riverside Avenue, and the second was placed at the intersection of Fourth Street and Central Avenue. Until October 7, these new cameras will only be issuing warnings to those who run a red light. However, both cameras will be issuing tickets and after another 30-day period, all four cameras in Medford will be able to issue tickets to those who are running red lights, as well as to those who are caught speeding.

For more information regarding the photo red light program, or to view resources such as crime statistics or business forms, visit the City of Medford website.