Medford Comic Con attracts thousands

May 25, 2018 by  

The fourth Comic Con that took place in Medford, Oregon at the Medford Library in late April managed to attract a crowd of around 20,000 people, making it the biggest library event ever held in Oregon.

Comic Con, which is an event that offers individuals the opportunity to dress as their favorite comic book and pop culture characters, get a chance to get their hands-on exclusive promotional products, and celebrate their favorite things with other people, attracts huge crowds across the country annually.

At this event, locals could be seen donning costumes such as Wonder Woman, Darth Vader, and Totoro, walking around to different booths and vendors throughout the library, and learning more about different fantasy subjects. In addition to the benefits that came from local engagement and the money made at the event, the event also increased exposure for the library and gave locals an opportunity to learn more about the type of content offered there.

The organizer for the Medford Comic Con, Laura Kimberly, said:

“We kind of found a niche in our community that really wasn’t getting met. There are a lot of fans in this area too. We don’t have anything like this. This is my heart. I love Comic Con. I love what this does for our community.”

To learn more about the Comic Con that took place in Medford or to see video footage of the event itself, visit the KDRV website.