Medford begins red light program

April 10, 2018 by  

The Photo Red Light Program in Medford – a program that has been set to take place since last year in order to make the streets safer – was recently activated in the city.

The Photo Red Light Program began on April 1 with two cameras placed at two intersections within the city. The first camera is located at the intersection of Riverside and 8th Street and the second camera is located at the intersection of Central and 4th Street. Until May 1, the cameras will only be issuing warnings to those that are caught speeding through these intersections. Once the 30-day-period is over, the cameras will begin issuing citations to those caught driving at speeds above the limit.

The police sergeant of Medford, Don Lane, said regarding the new program and what it will do for the city:

“As far as photo enforced intersections are concerned, many drivers will speed through the intersection in an attempt to avoid a red light citation. It is our belief that knowing there is a potential for a speeding citation at these intersections will reduce the frequency of this act and increase the safety of our intersections.”

For more information regarding the Photo Red Light Program, visit the city of Medford’s website and find the police button in the City Departments tab underneath Medford’s logo design.