Pennsylvania to receive funding for traffic signals uprgrade

May 21, 2017 by  

Tom Wolf, the governor of Pennsylvania, recently announced that $33m will be going to 94 municipalities throughout Pennsylvania to help improve their current traffic signals and systems.

This funding was dispersed by the Green Light-Go program, which is a program that was created to improve safety on Pennsylvania roads by providing the funding necessary to improve upon existing traffic signals.

Wolf, in a press release on the subject of the Green Light-Go program, said:

“This is the third round of funding disbursed to support increased safety and mobility across more Pennsylvania towns. The Green Light-Go program addresses a fundamental trigger for congestion, deficient traffic signals, and the results will mean better traffic flow.”

Funding for each individual municipality ranges from $10,000 to $7,000,000 and will go towards paying for matters such as traffic light replacements, LED traffic signal upgrades, and the installation of adaptive traffic signal software and equipment. Some of the municipalities that will be receiving this funding include Monroeville, Upper St Clair Township, Springdale, Connellsville, and McMurray, Pennsylvania.

For more information regarding which municipalities will be receiving funding from the Green Light-Go program, visit the Penn Live website. To find out more about the Green Light-Go program or to view flyers and other materials about the program and its objectives, go to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation website.