Council and schoolboard discuss land future

February 16, 2017 by  

The Peters Township Council and the schoolboard of Peters Township recently convened to discuss what they will do with the land from the Rolling Hills Country Club, a 200-acre golf course in McMurray, Pennsylvania, of which they are currently in possession.

The land will be divided between the council and the schoolboard. The council is planning to possibly improve the Rolling Hills Country club main building and build a park, for which it is accepting proposals for design and site planning until February 21, and the schoolboard is considering using its land to build a new high school.

For now, the council is assessing the land and the condition of the building. Paul Lauer, the Peters Township manager, said:

“We are conducting a boundary survey. This will provide not only the location of the boundary, but it will also provide topographic information and location of structures, which will assist both the school district and township in terms of developing the property.”

The schoolboard is also conducting a study to see if a high school is a possibility. They hired the Hayes Design Group, an architectural firm providing services such as master planning and graphic design/building signage, to conduct the study as well as a districtwide facilities assessment.

Jeannine French, the superintendent of the Peters Township School District, said it would cost about $24m to maintain the buildings over the next decade.