Bike the Bricks set to return to McKinney

April 12, 2017 by  

Cyclists from all across the country will soon be heading to McKinney’s historic downtown to participate in the excitement of Bike the Bricks.

The race, which will follow a winding route full of twists and turns and travels through the community’s downtown core, will give spectators a chance to get close to the action as they cheer on the participants. The winner will receive a prize purse of $25,000, and there will also be interval races held throughout the afternoon.

The race will not be the only attraction of the day. Along with the biking, there will be activities for the kids, as well as food, live entertainment, drinks, and games. There is no fee being charged to the public, but there is a fee to register for the competition. A printer can supply everything from street banners to race bibs, signs, medals and certificates for the cyclists to help ensure that an event like this is fun for all.

The race itself will begin at 3:00 pm and it will run until 11:00 pm. The warmups for the cyclists who will be taking part will begin at 2:30pm. Friday, May 26 has been selected as the date for Bike the Bricks, and all are welcome to take part. Additional details can be found on the community’s website.