Massapequa woman receives national award

June 6, 2017 by  

Lynne Campbell is being recognized for the professional and volunteer efforts she has contributed to her community.

Campbell is currently employed as the Coordinator of Volunteers for the Nassau County Department of Social Services. Her recent recognition as 2017 Public Citizen came from the National Association of Social Workers for her performance on and off the job. She has worked hard to expand the reach of her department to help more people in the community. In addition, Campbell has also stayed active in her personal life creating programs to aid people seeking to re-enter the workforce and with other family-oriented efforts like gift drives, food drives and helping children to attain necessary school supplies.

Local business owners that encourage their employees to take part in volunteer work should make certain the efforts of their own people are recognized. Include the events, fundraisers and other contributions they and their employees perform in when printing business brochures. Make certain that annual volunteer days the company schedules are printed on custom promotional calendars so the public is aware of the organization’s desire to give back to the community.

Campbell has received previous awards from her employer for her hard work. She was recognized in 2009 as the employee of the month. The award will officially be presented to Ms. Campbell on June 8th in Mineola.