Massapequa students rally to help homeless dog

March 10, 2017 by  

Elementary school students in Massapequa Park held a successful fundraiser to help purchase rehabilitation equipment for a badly injured canine.

Second Chance Rescue recently acquired a dog named Milo after he was found abandoned in another state. The animal was badly injured, and needed medical care and special equipment to help him become strong and mobile again. Luckily, the reading teacher from Massapequa Elementary knew where to find energetic volunteers to help with the fundraiser.

The teacher, along with advisers Leanne Leder and Deanna Musacchia, and student council members, took on the task of raising funds for the dog. They made schoolwide announcements, created and displayed unique posters, and made flyers for students to distribute around the community.

The efforts were a success; the group managed to raise over $2,125 to cover the cost of the equipment Milo needed. The money was then donated to the rescue organization so that the rehabilitation process could continue without delay.

In 2016, over 28,000 cats and dogs were either surrendered or found and brought to New York shelters. Local school organizations, businesses, and individuals can contact Second Chance Rescue or any of the other groups that attempt to rehome these pets and find out more about how they can help, or visit the organization’s website to find out more about its work.