Earth Day approaching in Massapequa Park

April 9, 2017 by  

Massapequa Park is celebrating its annual Earth Day and Beautification Program at the end of this month.

The event offers an opportunity for locals to take action and help beautify their neighborhood on a day reserved for appreciating the importance of environmental responsibility.

The village of Massapequa Park has celebrated Earth Day for over 20 years and the tradition continues in 2017. Earth Day was initially established in 1970 as a reaction to environmental catastrophes suffered in the United States, particularly the 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara. Its founders strove to find a method of gaining global attention to the crisis of pollution and the need for everyone to respect the earth. The initial celebration saw over 20 million Americans rally across the country for the cause.

Nearly 50 years later the day is still celebrated and many people have made it a weeklong event, beginning with the official Earth Day of April 22nd.

The Massapequa Park event, held on the April 29th, makes it possible for community members to attend rallies elsewhere on Earth Day and still organize and contribute at home on the Beautification day.

All residents are welcome to contribute in their own way. Business owners can pass out environmentally responsible promotional products during Earth Day, considering items like seed packets, reusable shopping bags, or ethically printed brochures.

Participants at the official event are rewarded with a free lunch served by community dignitaries and seniors. Groups and individuals wishing to contribute to the village’s efforts can contact the municipal organizers by calling 798- 0244 – ext. 111.