Bamboo infestation leads to new laws in Massapequa Park

November 30, 2016 by  

Luckily there are not a lot of pandas in the Long Island area, or they may have a reason to complain, as many residents of Massapequa Park have been dealing with an invasive amount of bamboo.

The problem has become so extensive that local homeowners were stating that their yards, pools and even their basements were becoming overrun with the fast-growing, hardy plant.

This is not a matter of people simply not appreciating the beauty of a nonnative plant, but with the fact that the bamboo is genuinely able to choke out all other vegetation and even block visibility. The bamboo stalks, growing approximately 20-feet high, are able to completely overtake a yard faster than anyone ever expected and they are capable of expanding at a surprisingly rapid rate.

New regulations make it a requirement for any bamboo growers to carefully maintain their harvest and not allow it to spread to any neighboring property. No new plantings are allowed and any existing growth must be kept at least 10 feet from property lines.

Local government could aid in the enforcement of the ordinance by sending leaflets, posting informative banners, and distributing postcards to community members affected by the law change. Until then, locals who want details of the law must call or visit their local municipal office.