MEDC releases future development plans

October 9, 2017 by  

The Marlborough Economic Development Center (MEDC) recently released its plans on how it hopes to further develop the city.

Among these plans are attracting modern beverage businesses, retail businesses, and new restaurants; hosting more events that unite the community; revitalizing several older areas to maintain the appeal of the area; and turning several old buildings that are not vital to the town’s history into new, unique attractions.

However, the MEDC is also attempting to add to the city with these new plans while also maintaining the heritage and feel that the city currently provides to visitors and residents alike.

Meredith Harris, the executive director of the MEDC, said about the development plan:

“We like to call our development approach ‘tradition meets innovation.’ We know that the Marlborough community is very proud of the city’s history, and we definitely want to maintain that. At the same time, Marlborough is evolving.

“So, we are looking for the best ways to make this city a one-stop-shop for this next generation.”

Harris stressed, however, that the plan was to achieving this without compromising on the friendly “small-town” attitude of the area.

For more information about the Marlborough Economic Development Center, visit its website. To learn more about Marlborough, or to view resources such as business forms to open a business in the area, visit the Marlborough, Massachusetts website.