Disability-focused organization reinvents itself

April 6, 2017 by  

Thrive, an organization in Marlborough, Massachusetts previously known as Greater Marlboro Programs, has announced the renaming and the rebranding of the company with the intention of better defining its mission and services.

Newly named Thrive seeks to empower those with developmental disabilities through the use of recreational, social, and residential programs, which help cultivate feelings of accomplishment and belonging.

Along with the Greater Marlboro Program’s new name, the organization has also created a new website, messaging, newsletter, and logo design. However, Thrive still seeks to meet the same goals that it has always pursued, and says it will continue to provide the resources and the support necessary to help individuals with developmental disabilities and their families thrive.

The President and CEO of Thrive, Michael Rodrigues, had the following to say about the organization’s revitalization:

“This new representation marks an exciting launch of our renewed commitment to advocacy and support seen through new leadership, expanded offerings for children, and increased demand for our individualized services.”

Rodrigues goes on to say that the new name Thrive helps to better define the mission and driving force behind the organization, explaining:

“When we realize our own greatness, we thrive.”

To find out more regarding the services that Thrive provides, or to view the original press release about the renaming of the organisation, visit the Thrive website.