Crossroads School on the move to Marlborough

May 21, 2017 by  

Crossroads School, a private school that provides education to students with autism, has finished its lease at the building on Huron Drive and will be moving from its current location in Natick to Marlborough, Massachusetts by the end of this fall.

The school purchased the office building that is located at 295 Donald Lynch Boulevard and will be renovating it over the next four months to make it ready for students in September.

The size of the office building is 40,000 feet, which is a significant increase to the 20,000 feet of space that the school was utilizing before. The increase in space will allow the school to add classrooms and increase classroom size, increase physical therapy and occupational space, and create a gym and ball fields for the students – amenities that were not previously available to students at the Natick location.

The Crossroads School board chairman, Albert Rex, said about the new school location:

“It’s great to know the 60 kids I care about are going to get the best possible education in a state-of-the-art building. You hope to do the right thing and leave a legacy for kids. It’s exciting for the kids.”

For more information regarding the Crossroads School and the services that it provides, or to see upcoming events and school calendars, visit the Crossroads School website.