Mansfield attends Water Utilities’ centenary

September 4, 2017 by  

All of Mansfield is invited to the Mansfield Water Utilities 100 Year Birthday Party. It will be part of Historic Downtown Mansfield’s September Third Thursday.

The Third Thursday’s September theme will be ‘The Sum of Our Parts’, and water is certainly one of the town’s major parts.

The event will be hosted by the employees of the local Water Utilities. The event will consist of life-size games that will not only be for fun for the participants and entertaining for spectators, but will also have some connection to water conservation and other environmental issues.

One game will be based on the traditional Hungry, Hungry Hippos game. It will have two-person teams – one holding the other’s ankles in a wheel barrow stance – and the one on the floor grabbing and collecting large blue balls with little plastic crates. This game will be to represent locals “grabbing” raindrops for their own barrels.

The party is one of the many ways that the Water Company is trying to break down the barrier between government agencies and the people they serve. The city may want to take pictures during events like this to put into next year’s visitor’s brochures.

The fun will be at The Lot, 110 S. Main Street, Mansfield on Thursday, September 21 from 5:00 pm until 8:00 pm.