YMCA food programs recipient of chamber donation

June 8, 2017 by  

Some of the funds raised from the recent Taste of Malden event held by the Malden Chamber of Commerce have been donated to the Summer Youth Food Program of the YMCA Malden.

Executive director of the chamber, Jenna Coccimiglio, commented that to promote the Summer Youth Food Program to potential sponsors, the YMCA uses a tagline that emphasizes how hunger can detract from the fun of summer. Over 35,000 nutritious snacks and 60,000 healthy meals were provided by the YMCA last year to teenagers and youth in the cities of Everett, Medford, and Malden.

As the chamber celebrated the many cuisines and restaurants in Malden, Coccimiglio added that it made sense to give a portion of the proceeds of the event to the Food Programs of the YMCA. In this way, the chamber is helping to ensure the success of the YMCA in the community, and of the business owners and future leaders that participate in the programs they offer.

At the event, Gregg Ellenberg, Director of Community Development of the YMCA, and Debbie Amaral, CEO of the YMCA, were presented a check for $1,000 to these programs. An additional $750 was raised by the YMCA during the event through a variety of raffles.

The chamber and the YMCA might collaborate on creating flyers about this and other programs of the YMCA to raise awareness throughout the community.