New pizza place opens in Malden

March 11, 2018 by  

Malden’s House of Pizza is now under new ownership, by brothers Elie and Jean Pierre El Hachem.

The two siblings were educated in Lebanon while waiting 11 years to get their green card. They then immigrated to the United States with their family five years ago, attended college here, and began working part-time a pizza restaurant in Andover, which inspired them to think about opening their own shop. The Maldon store was for sale and the El Hachems decided it was time go into business for themselves.

Their goal is to bring the best quality to food to Malden and, although they have changed the menu somewhat, they believe they have created a menu that will appeal to the various tastes of their customers.

The menu has specialty pizzas and subs that range from spicy to sweet. Also, on the menu are salads, regular and specialty calzones, chicken wings, and hot and cold wraps. Customers can select from various pasta dishes and desserts.

The brothers have said that they have had to overcome all kinds of obstacles in order to open this eatery, but it has been worth it as now they have been able to live their dream.

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