Malden opens free breakfast kiosk at Salemwood school

February 13, 2017 by  

The City of Malden recently opened a new “grab ‘n’ go” kiosk, serving milk, cereal, fruit and yogurt, at the entrance to the Salemwood School.

“Pat the Patriot,” the mascot of the Patriots, was on hand to celebrate the opening of the new program and distribute breakfast to the students. Also attending the opening were Dr. Charles Grandson, interim superintendent; state Representatives Steve Ultrino, Paul Donato, and Paul Brodeur; and state Senator Jason Lewis, all of whom greeted a first grade class and read a book to them.

The program was introduced by the Child Nutrition Outreach Program of the state and the school so that more students can start their day with a healthy breakfast.

The New England Dairy and Food Council awarded a grant of more than $10,000 to the nutrition department of the school so that two kiosks could be set up at the school. The kiosks are mobile and students are encouraged to have some breakfast before classes begin. The kiosks might also be decorated with colorful and attractive banners so that students will want to take advantage of the many offerings.

Kate Filteau, Assistant Food Service Director for Malden, there are both perishable and non-perishable items from the kiosks so that students can eat what they want in the morning and save the rest for later.