Expansion of the arts in Malden to be considered

March 24, 2017 by  

The Malden arts community recently held a meeting with representatives from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, community leaders, and local and state officials to discuss a vision for the arts in the city.

The impetus for the meeting came from over 10 years of groundwork from organizations such as the Malden Cultural Council, Malden Arts, and MATV, which culminated in the Malden Local Artist Marketplace at the end of last year.

As it generated almost $15,000 in sales in less than three weeks, the concept demonstrated that the arts play an important role in not only the local economy, but in helping people to feel more engaged in the community. Consequently, they remain in the city and shop locally, and encourage others to do so as well.

Attendees at the meeting then brainstormed additional ideas for the arts and the creative community in Malden, such as a permanent art store or gallery, more pop-up stores, and better utilization of existing spaces. Grant ideas and strategies for funding these endeavors were proposed by representatives from the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Additional meetings will be scheduled by the planning group for this meeting to explore and discuss art expansion opportunities in Malden. The group may also consider using a local print company to create materials that can be distributed throughout the community in order to garner more ideas and proposals.