Artist market pops up for the holidays

December 8, 2016 by  

The Local Artist Marketplace in Malden will be opening for the holiday season.

It will feature handmade crafts, food products, fashion accessories, and much more from 22 artists in the local area.

The gift shop is part of the ‘Malden Pops Up!’ partnership set up between city officials and citizen artists, along with the owner of the site, to support the community of local arts and make this activity possible. Ose Schwab, of Malden Creates, LLC, one of the organizer of team organizers, said the plan started with an email from a local artist inquiring about the empty space, with a suggestion to use it as an arts center.

Other art activists joined in and the idea was shared with City Councilor, Ryan O’Malley, who, along with them, wanted to make their dream a reality. It was decided to create a holiday popup shop so that the use of the space could be tested for use related to the arts.

By the time the grand opening takes place on Friday, December 9 the interior will have been converted into an elegant and eclectic boutique shop. It will be open Thursday through Sunday during the month and flyer printing companies may be hired to print more information about the range and variety of gifts, and the performances that will be held during retail hours.