Winnebago County looking to strike partnership with SwedishAmerican hospital

January 12, 2017 by  

Last year, the Boone County Health Department began a partnership with the SwedishAmerican Hospital in Rockford, Illinois to educate new mothers at the hospital about breastfeeding.

The health department also encourages mothers to contact them after they leave the hospital, and promotes services like weigh-ins for the babies and maternal care brochures, which are available to the mothers for free.

Jamira Brown, a woman who gave birth to her daughter at the SwedishAmerican Hospital, said:

“(The hospital and county) made sure I have everything I needed. They made sure I was informed.”

Winnebago County is also hoping to strike a partnership with the SwedishAmerican hospital in order to conform to both its county and state health improvement plans. The hospital, which recently ran several donation drives in Rockford and Loves Park, is looking to meet these targets as well.

The partnership is already showing signs of success, boasting that 95% of low-income mothers have chosen to breastfeed, which is up from the 80% of mothers that chose to before the formation of the partnership.

Talking about this change, mother-baby nurse manager of SwedishAmerican, Jan Southard, said:

“This was the right thing to do for the community and patients.

“We are changing the culture, helping patients to recognize that breastfeeding is the natural, healthiest way to feed a newborn.”