MercyHealth Sportscore Two adds indoor center

June 20, 2017 by  

MercyHealth Sportscore Two, a sports complex located in Loves Park, Illinois, recently unveiled an indoor center addition to the complex.

The new Indoor Sports Center covers 133,000 sq ft and has the ability to up to six soccer games or four softball games at the same time using the large, dividable field inside of the center. The space can be used to host events such as weddings, expos, and concerts as well. In addition to the field, the Indoor Sports Center also features shops and restaurants such as the sports merchandise store Soccer Etc. Direct, the Skybox Mexican Grill & Bar, and a concession stand located outside of the center.

Senator Dave Syverson said this about the MercyHealth Sportscore Two Indoor Sports Center expansion:

“This draws teams from all over the country, so it’s bringing out of state money into Illinois. That’s a real economic return on the investment. The impact not only for the citizens, and our citizens being able to use this facility, but the impact on our economy is huge and it will go on, it’s sustainable for many, many years to come.”

For more information about the MercyHealth Sportscore complex or to find resources such as maps of the complex and calendars with information about upcoming sports programs, visit the MercyHealth Sportscore website.