Man launches Midwestern-based apparel store

July 29, 2017 by  

Tanner Taylor, a resident of Loves Park, Illinois, recently launched an apparel store called Unstated Apparel, which features T-shirts that have Wisconsin and Rockford themes.

Taylor, who previously worked for his family’s company Exclusive Pro Sports that produced customizable jerseys, bags, banners, and other such fabric products, took notice that locals wanted clothing that displayed their pride for their state and decided to open his own clothing line. Right now, his store contains a variety of shirts with state outlines, creative designs, and United States of America patterns.

Taylor commented on his store, saying:

“There’s not a whole lot in the way of local shirts, apart from one company in Rockford, or (a line of clothing) that has to do with the state that’s not just the (outline of the) state slapped on a T-shirt.”

Taylor added that he wanted to give depth to the designs on his shirts, achieving the effect of offering more than immediately meets the eye and giving new perspectives every time they are looked at.

As his business progresses, Taylor also talked about obtaining the rights to include designs featuring local Rockford, Illinois hot spots such as the Midway Village Museum and Stockholm Inn restaurant.

For more information about Taylor’s clothing line, or for those who would like to purchase a shirt from his store, visit the Unstated Apparel website.