University of Louisville posters to become available

August 1, 2017 by  

Louisville Cardinal posters for 2017 are currently available, or will be available soon, at select locations throughout the city.

The posters will vary by design depending on where they are being offered ,and posters will contain the 2017 football schedule, a picture from one of the Louisville Cardinal games, and different players from the Cardinal team. Stars featured include junior cornerback Jaire Alexander, junior quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson, senior defensive lineman Drew Bailey, and senior running back Reggie Bonnafon.

Businesses such as Kroger, Buffalo Wild Wings, the Commonwealth Credit Union, and Rally’s will be giving the posters out free of charge for as long as they have them in stock. While many of the locations have already begun to distribute the posters on July 28, several of the locations will begin distributing their posters tomorrow, August 2, and this may or may not affect whether or not interested individuals will have access to all of the poster designs that were available at the time of distribution.

To see the full list of businesses that are currently carrying the posters and when the posters become available, find resources about the Louisville Cardinals such as calendars and merchandise, or view the front of the Louisville Cardinal posters that are being offered, visit the University of Louisville sports website.