Small Louisville businesses awarded $168,000 in loans

January 12, 2017 by  

METCO, the Louisville Forward Economic Development’s Metropolitan Business Development Corporation, and the Department of Community Services’ Microbusiness Development Program have given small businesses in Louisville, Kentucky a total of nine loans amounting to around $168,000. This is to assist the businesses in renovating and expanding.

Among the businesses to have received the loans are:

• Pointe Havens, LLC received $93,824 to improve the building’s façade, as well as the interior of the building to prepare for future commercial usage
• Jackie Green and Cindy Baker received $34,286 to install solar panels on the roof of their property in order to save energy and lower the amount spent on electricity
• Trimen Solutions, LLC and Trimen Career Placement Services received $15,000 to help TraShaun Spencer, the owner, expand computer software, insurance, and marketing services
• Mimi The Tax Lady received $5,000 to help purchase computer software and equipment for the owner, Tamika Reed
• Flex Bill, LLC received $5,000 to purchase insurance, inventory, and computer software for the startup medical billing business
• Pure Polish received a $5,000 loan to purchase inventory and equipment to help the owner, Andrea Moran, with her green cleaning business
• Oasis T. Shirts received $5,000 which will go towards supplies, equipment, and inventory
• An Angels Touch received $3,000 to purchase supplies and equipment for the janitorial business
• The Glory Shoppe, an Etsy shop that sells handcrafted home décor, received $1,500 to purchase supplies

When businesses are awarded funds to support their growth, they often tie this in with a printed marketing campaign that may feature the likes of presentation folders and promotional brochures.