New passport released to lovers of bourbon

September 26, 2017 by  

In honor of Bourbon Heritage Month, Louisville, Kentucky has recently released its newest passport for the Urban Bourbon Trail experience, a tour that spans over 39 locations and gives visitors an in-depth history lesson about the bourbon culture in Louisville.

Some of the most notable destinations one can visit on the Urban Bourbon Trail include the Brown Lobby Bar, where visitors can purchase 28-year-old bourbon shots for $800 each; the Brown Hotel, which has housed guests such as Barack Obama and Muhammad Ali; and the bar known as the Proof on Main, where visitors will have the option to choose from over 120 different types of bourbon.

To take part in the Urban Bourbon Trail experience, passports can be picked up from the Louisville Visitor Center at 301 South 4th Street or at any of the locations that participate in the Urban Bourbon Trail experience. To receive a free Y-shirt with the Urban Bourbon Trailblazer logo design on it and an official Citizen of Bourbon Country certificate, collect at least 6sixstamps by making a purchase at several of the destinations and then bringing the passport to the Louisville Visitor Center. Besides the purchases that need to be made to receive a stamp, participation is free.

To learn more about the Urban Bourbon Trail, visit the Bourbon Country website.