Local boutiques offering football-related merchandise

September 26, 2017 by  

Football season is beginning for those in Louisville, Kentucky, and several local boutiques are showcasing a range of women’s merchandise that features the University of Louisville’s logo design and colors.

Boutiques such as Lemon Tree and Crush Boutique are producing pieces of clothing and accessories such as custom bangles, earrings, necklaces, sunglasses, T-shirts, and totes that help women to represent their favorite teams during the football season. Along with these custom pieces of clothing and accessories, boutiques are also offering outfit and accessory ideas for women who may not want to buy custom merchandise or who have not yet bought any and are unable to purchase some before they attend a game.

One outfit idea example comes from the Crush Boutique, which recommends that women purchase some of their items including a plaid sleeveless top, distressed jeans, a red lace bralette, a Louisville trucker hat, custom bangles, and a custom Kentucky necklace.

The owner of the Lemon Tree boutique, Maggie Brooks, said about creating clothes for football season:

“Customers tend to want something dressier for basketball season. Football season is a time to dress in more comfortable, casual clothes and accessories that will work with the weather.”

For more information about which boutiques are offering football-related merchandise, or to see the type of clothing they are producing, visit the Courier-Journal website.