Electronics company reveals fresh branding at Louisville event

December 1, 2016 by  

ASA Electronics, a company specializing in the development of mobile electronics such as speakers, TVs, and stereos, has created a new brand for its products and in celebration of the company’s upcoming 40th anniversary in 2017.

ASA has made several changes to its previous branding, including aspects such as a refreshed color scheme and changes to the existing watermark logo design.

Brent Barrow, ASA’s President, said:

“This new brand design marks the beginning of an exciting time for us here at ASA.

“With 40 years under our belt we wanted a look that reinforced our modern, sophisticated products while incorporating a timeless feel. We are very excited to share this with our industries.”

Matt Skarritt, the company’s head graphic designer, sought to create a new brand that expressed the company’s innovative and futuristic approach in its aesthetics.

The company is currently debuting their new brand at the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association’s National RV Trade Show, which is taking place in Louisville, Kentucky at the Kentucky Exposition Center, which is located at 937 Phillips Ln. The show began on Monday, November 28th and finishes today, December 1. The cost of a ticket for the event ranged from $125 to $300, depending on the individual’s status attending the show, and guests are collecting badges upon production of their confirmation email, complete with a QR code.