Public Library names new director

June 17, 2017 by  

A public library near London is getting ready to welcome a new interim director.

During a board meeting at the beginning of June, The Corbin Public Library extended a warm welcome to Anna Cummins-Smith, who will take on the title starting in August.

She has worked with a variety of library systems, including academic, research and public libraries and has a degree in library science. In fact, being a librarian is in Smith’s blood. As Brenda Jones, the president of the Corbin Public Library Board of Trustees stated:

“[her] mother was one of the first librarians at the Carnegie Library.”

Although Smith is going to step into the role this summer, the library’s search for a new director isn’t over yet. She is only scheduled to hold the position through the month of October, after which the library should be ready to name a permanent director.

Libraries looking for new leadership can use printing services to send the job posting out to library science programs and recruiters. Before naming Smith as the interim director, the board of trustees put together a search committee to fill the permanent position.

The committee has already met to talk about the description for the job as well as how to advertise the opening and interview candidates. Two skills that are a “must-have” for the role are organizational skills and public speaking.