London high schoolers could expand horizons through film

January 19, 2017 by  

Students at Corbin High School, near London, will soon have the chance to learn all the ins and outs of filmmaking.

The Corbin School of Innovation is launching the Appalachian Film School and the program is currently accepting applications. The goal of the new program is to help develop the next generation of storytellers by providing film-based courses and hands-on instruction.

Student interest in already existing film courses at Corbin High School led to the development of the Appalachian Film School program. Recent recognition of film production as a viable career path for students, by the Kentucky Department of Education, also inspired the program’s creation.

New school programs can use mailing services to inform students the benefits of enrolling in a specialized program in high school and to give them instructions on how to apply.

Speaking to the Times-Tribune, Kelly Mackey, a teacher at the high school and in the new film program, stated:

“Technically, we’re on a career pathway since the state of Kentucky has a career pathway for us in video production and cinematography. Once students complete the pathway, they get an industry standard certification.”

The director of support services for the school district, Mark Daniels, told the Times-Tribune:

“We’re always looking at potential for creating interest in school.”

Along with helping students find a career path, the new film program aims to get them excited about going to school.