London gala raises $35,000 for birthing center

February 19, 2018 by  

The area around London is experiencing something of a baby boom, and a hospital gala at the beginning of February raised money specifically for the expansion of the birthing center.

As Leslie Smart, the president of the Saint Joseph London Foundation, told the Sentinel Echo, the number of births at the hospital has increased by 45% since 2010.

That means that the birthing center at the hospital, which first opened in 2010, is no longer as well equipped to handle the number of patients and families coming through its doors.

During the gala, a total of $35,000 was raised – around double the amount raised during the previous year’s gala.

Hospitals that need to raise money for expansions or renovations can use poster printing to keep donors and patients up-to-date on their progress. Along with the money raised during the annual gala, the Saint Joseph London Foundation will also use a grant from WHAS Crusade for Children to improve the equipment at the center.

The grant is for a total of $20,000 and will help to provide infant soother seats, bassinets, monitoring systems, a phototherapy system, and more. The infant soother seats are designed specifically for babies with neonatal abstinence syndrome, a condition that is particularly common in areas with high rates of opioid abuse.

The goal of the birthing center is to provide women and babies in an underserved area with the facilities and support they need to get a healthy start in life.