London doctor earns state recognition

February 15, 2017 by  

A local medic made a healthy start to February, claiming the ‘Physician of the Year’ award.

Dr. Aqeel Mandviwala grew up suffering from asthma. In Karachi, Pakistan, his hometown, there was no effective treatment for the condition available.

These days, Dr. Mandviwala is a board certified pulmonologist, specializing in the treatment of lung diseases. His commitment to the field of medicine and to the area around London helped to earn him the annual award from KentuckyOne Health Saint Joseph Foundation.

Dr. Mandviwala first came here two decades ago and became the first pulmonologist in the area. He was required to set up a practice in an area that was medically underserved.

Organizations giving out awards for hard work and commitment can use stationery printing to produce the certificates and programs used during the ceremony. A number of colleagues were asked to say a few words about Dr. Mandviwala during the awards gala and in the program.

One colleague wrote:

“[Dr. Mandviwala] deserves the Physician of the Year award because of his work ethic and compassion.”

Meanwhile, the chief medical officer at the London hospital where Mandviwala works described him as a “compassionate, dedicated physician.”

During his recognition, Dr. Mandviwala was described as a “pillar of the London community.” When accepting his award, he thanked the doctors and others who have helped him throughout his career.