Last day of school announced for London students

April 7, 2018 by  

Students in London will no doubt be pleased to know that the Laurel County School Board recently decided on the last day of school for the academic year.

The final school day of the year will be June 1, a Friday. A graduation ceremony for high school seniors will take place on June 2.

Teachers at Laurel County schools will have to hang in there until Monday, June 4.

The school board reached its decision at the very end of March, giving it plenty of time to determine how many snow days there were and to rule out the possibility of additional snow days.

School districts can use flyer printing to let students and parents know what the plans for the end of the year are.

According to Dr. Doug Bennett, the superintendent of the schools, this year’s last day is a bit later than usual. The district has a total of 12 snow days this year, which pushed the last day into June. He also added that it is not very uncommon for school to stretch into June; for example, last year, the last day of school fell in June, too, even though the district had fewer snow days.

Along with setting the last day for this school year, the board started putting together the calendar for the upcoming year. The first day of school for 2018-2019 will be August 9.