University of Kentucky to create green space

December 27, 2017 by  

The University of Kentucky is demolishing buildings, making way for green space in the area.

The Kirwan Blanding buildings have become obsolete and fallen out of favor, so it is expected that demolishing the complex will make the university into a more attractive place. Booklet printing can be used by institutions for promotional purposes.

University spokesperson Jay Blanton stated:

“The university is moving rather intentionally to create better housing and learning spaces, and more green space.”

The modernist architect Edward Durrell Stone designed the old buildings that will be knocked down. The pioneering figure was also responsible for Washington’s Kennedy Center and New York’s Gallery of Modern Art. The Kirwan Blanding buildings have been standing since 1967, but trustees did not enter into lengthy discussions about the logic behind the demolition proposal.

The board of the University of Kentucky has other bold plans on its agenda, including the sales of the Commonwealth Village Graduate Housing Complex (CVGHC), which has been disused since the autumn of 2017. The CVGHC was constructed during 1963. Roselle Hall now houses graduate students, so there is less demand for what the complex has to offer.

The value of the CVGHC has been assessed, and the buildings may change hands for $7m. This revenue could be used to upgrade some graduate housing in the vicinity of the Arboretum.