Returning comic convention will bring the stars to Lexington

February 27, 2018 by  

The Lexington Comic and Toy Convention is returning to the city for another year. It will take place over three days next month.

The convention is dedicated to comic books, movies, games, and television. It attracts some of the best-known actors, comic book creators, artists, and professional wrestlers. Among those appearing at this year’s event are Chuck Norris, Ian McDiarmid, John Barrowman, Pauly Shore, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Billy Dee Williams. The public will have the chance to have photographs taken with the stars and collect autographs; both of these activities come at an extra price.

The show will feature fan-run panels, panel discussions with the stars, and question and answer sessions. There will be lots of fun parties to attend and a cosplay contest that will allow the public to show off their handmade costumes. In addition, vendors will be on hand to sell a variety of items including artworks, action figures, and photographs.

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The Lexington Comic and Toy will be held at the Lexington Center from March 9 to 11. Tickets are $65 for a three-day pass, $50 for two days, $30 for Friday, $35 for Saturday. and $20 on Sunday. Visit the official website for the most current information.