Lewis Center is home to latest Gerber Baby

February 26, 2017 by  

Every year, Gerber, the giant baby food company, runs a contest to select its ‘Gerber Baby’, and this year’s winner is a young Lewis Center resident.

Parents are encouraged to send photos of their infants to the contest, which drew over 110,000 entries in 2016. From out of these, Gerber chose Riley Shines, a six-month-old who lives in Lewis Center, as the new Gerber Baby, according to an article on the NBC Columbus website.

The win means more than prestige for the baby and his family, as they will also receive children’s clothing and a cash prize. It is even possible that Riley could be the star of a Gerber ad in the future.

Riley’s mother Kristen says her husband was skeptical about their chances of winning because of the volume of entries, but the prize money means they will be able to start a college fund for their son.

Gerber’s Robyn Fitter says that to Gerber, every infant has the potential to be a Gerber baby, and the company looks forward to the yearly contest. Riley won this year because he was able to capture the judges’ attention with just a photograph.

Ann Turner Cook, the first Gerber Baby, is now 90 years of age, and has been the face on Gerber products since 1928 – the year the company began manufacturing baby food.

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