Lebanon to flush hydrants

March 21, 2018 by  

The Water Department of the City of Lebanon will be flushing the city’s fire hydrants soon. The process is a vital preventative maintenance measure that helps to make sure the water system’s integrity is maintained.

The city also says it must flush the hydrants if it is going to continue delivering the best quality water to the city’s residents.

However, the Water Department warns that as a result of flushing the hydrants, some residents who live near the areas where the work is being done may see discoloration in their water. The city reassures people that this has no effect on water quality, but suggests that if the water is still discolored after the crews have left the area, residents should clear their pipes by running water from all their faucets for several minutes. City officials also suggest that anyone with concerns should call the Water Department at 513-228-3600.

The hydrant flushing operation starts next Wednesday, March 28, and workers will tackle the job in sections, working from the south to the north. On March, 28, crews will begin in the Highland at Heritage Hill Subdivision and nearby areas such as the Columbia Business Park, Kingsview Industrial Park, Columbia Road, and the Lebanon Commerce Center. A complete list is on the city’s website.

Projects like this impact the entire city, so officials might work with a flyer printing company to create a mailer, informing them of the work.