Kitchen Table Squared opening in Las Vegas

December 26, 2017 by  

Food has been served in new spinoff restaurant Kitchen Table Squared (KTS).

The concept of KTS was borrowed from Kitchen Table, although this eatery did not serve dinner like KTS will. Javier Chavez, the chef at KTS, has demonstrated his talent to family and friends at the new premises.

KTS has a bold brunch menu, where customers will have the opportunity to eat sweet and savory dishes. A Monte Cristo sandwich will be enough for some people, but the option of a foie gras supplement could appeal to those who want to sample a bit of luxury. Waffles with bananas and ice cream might also prove hard to resist.

The dinner menu also has its surprising elements. Gourmets may be tempted by the thought of caviar, while a variety of steaks should appeal to many. A dish of rabbit and duck paella will demonstrate the ingenuity of the chef, while risottos, burgers, and pastas may please those who appreciate slightly simpler fare. The inclusion of an ostrich burger is another highlight of the imaginative food selection.

Opened a little later than originally planned and situated within a Las Vegas complex, KTS can be reached by coming off the 215 Beltway at the exit associated with Russell Road.

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