Park to enjoy four days of festivities

November 7, 2016 by  

In just a few days, Pinellas County is going to celebrate agriculture in a fun family friendly way.

The 3rd Annual Greater Pinellas Country Fair, a four-day event, will take place at the England Brothers Park. The event is for a good cause; it was organized by volunteers whose intent was to promote horticulture, the youth, community resources, and agriculture all in a single annual event.

The agricultural exhibit’s primary aims are to showcase agricultural heritage and nurture healthy, competition among youth groups like FFA and school organizations. The fair offers Pinellas residents the chance to showcase goats, honeybees, horses, rabbits, and other livestock. It also provides a forum to showcase community, container, vertical, organic, and hydroponic gardens. Exhibitors might benefit from banners to aid them in their exhibiting.

There will be lots of other forms of activities in which visitors might engage themselves. For those who love entertainment, there will be nonstop stage performances. For the thrill seekers, there will be a midway carnival. Family shows will be available and there will be the traditional food found at most fairs available. Finally, there will be displays and competitions in baking, photography, wood carving, quilting, sewing, and other hobbies.

All of the action takes place November 10 to 13 at 5010 81st Avenue North, Pinellas Park, just nine miles southeast of Largo.