Boogie Stomp! coming to Lansing

June 12, 2018 by  

The musical celebration ‘Boogie Stomp!’ is coming to Lansing soon, where pianists Arthur Migliazza and Bob Baldori will perform numbers from ‘Disturbing the Peace’, their new summer release, as well as playing a wide selection of American piano music.

The rocking music played by Migliazza and Baldori is their way of tracing the history of the art form from the final days of the Civil War to today. Essentially, boogie is music for dancing, and takes many different forms, including boogie-woogie, rock and roll, rhythm and blues, stride, swing, jazz, and blues. Using various types of music as examples, Boogie Stomp! traces the origins of this music, its history, and the influence it has had on the popular music of today.

The pianists also pay tribute to great musicians of the past, and show how their influence has shaped today’s music.

Migliazza and Baldori are Boogie Stomp!, which is also the name of their show. They will be appearing in East Lansing on Friday, June 22 at the Summer Solstice Jazz Festival (SSJF). The two-day festival is free, and pays tribute to jazz, which is a truly American music genre. The venue has changed this year, and the main stage will be outdoors, in the Bailey Parking Lot on Bailey Avenue.

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