Updated plans okayed for shopping center

June 26, 2017 by  

The Hillcrest Shopping Center in Lansdale plans to add two new buildings to the complex, and the plan is one step closer to fruition following preliminary approval from the city’s planning commission.

The vote came after the developer reworked the original parking and landscaping designs.

Engineer John Wichner and attorney Jim Garrity showed the updated site plan to the commission. The plans now include a grassy area along Main Street, and new islands that would be installed to divide the parking lots. The two lots are approximately 3,000 square feet apiece, and surround the proposed new buildings.

Perhaps the largest change is the proposed modification of the main entrance drive. At present, drivers can turn either right or left, or proceed straight ahead. The intersection has proven dangerous at times, and it has been proposed that an island be constructed in the center of the intersection, eliminating the option of going straight through. Although this would take up some parking spaces, the developer feels it will make the intersection safer.

Before any further designs are finalized, Wichner and Garrity would like to know who the tenants will be in the new buildings. They would rather make sure they have a chance to resolve any problems before trying to get anything approved.

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