Strong showing from Lansdale in art show

February 26, 2018 by  

Lansdale is well represented at the Montgomery County High School Art Exhibition and Competition, which is running now.

A total of 10 students from Lansdale’s North Penn High School were selected to show their work at the exhibit. This is the 40th year for the event.

MCCC’s Galleries Director, Patrick Rodgers, said it was important that art students participate in shows of this type, because it gives them the opportunity to see their work displayed in a gallery, which may help them see their creation in a new light, or find things in it they might otherwise miss. It is also encouraging and interesting for them to see how their work relates to that being done by other area students. For their part, art teachers attending such an exhibit have a chance to talk to other teachers, which can give them fresh ideas and inspiration.

Jerry Lester, a senior from North Penn, drew a portrait in graphite that won an award. The other nine North Penn students whose work is on display are Daniel Bonsignore, Sarah Cavasmi, Julianna Dougherty, Teaghan Gallagher, Emily Garber, Mytia McAlary, Kelly McFarland, Madeline Mueller, and Lauren Sabater.

The artwork is on display at MCCC’s Fine Arts Center Art Gallery at the Central Campus in Blue Bell, through March 14.

Events like this can be even more fun if organizers work with a flyer printing company to create a handout for attendees, listing the works and giving brief artists’ biographies.