SEPTA garage in Lansdale to open soon

April 14, 2017 by  

One of the biggest projects ever undertaken in Lansdale is almost complete, according to an announcement from the city and the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA).

The enlarged SEPTA parking garage, which is located behind the train station, will open for business soon, offering two months’ free parking to patrons.

Jake Ziegler, the borough manager, revealed the garage has added approximately 680 spaces close to downtown, which he believes has the potential to change Lansdale. Commuters will use the garage during the day, while people who want to come downtown at night now have a place to park, which may encourage more people to visit the area.

The garage improvements cost $42m, with construction starting in 2015. The garage is linked to the Madison Parking Lot, which is operated by the borough, by a pedestrian bridge that was built as part of the renovation. The new construction is five stories tall, and sits atop the former SEPTA parking lots. The garage is open seven days per week, and offers a free tire inflation facility so drivers can maintain proper air pressure in their tires, which improves fuel consumption.

The garage will open to the public on Monday, April 17 and parking will be free from then through Sunday, June 18.

With the help of a postcard printing company, officials can devise a card for mailing to residents, announcing the opening.