Parking garage opens in Lansdale

May 19, 2017 by  

Late in April, officials of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), along with community leaders, elected officials, and others, gathered to celebrate the opening of Lansdale’s new parking garage.

Thousands of commuters board their trains in Lansdale daily, and will have access to convenient parking. In addition, the garage honors the Borough’s history, which is entwined with that of the railroad.

The name ‘Lansdale’ itself comes from Philip Lansdale Fox, who was the Chief Surveyor for the Pennsylvania Railroad. It was Fox who recognized the area would be an ideal spot to locate a railroad depot. Lansdale Station first opened in October, 1856, and the presence of the railroad, as is often the case, brought new residents to the area. In August, 1872, the borough was incorporated.

Jeffrey D. Knueppel, SEPTA’s general manager, noted that Lansdale and SEPTA have formed a relationship that is in keeping with Fox’s original vision. The bond between the two is creating new opportunities for visitors, commuters, and residents, all of them centering on the transit hub. Knueppel believes that new garage will spur growth in Lansdale.

The garage has been under construction since 2015, and is only one of several initiatives resulting from the close cooperation between Lansdale and SEPTA. Others include a new 9th Street train station, and the Borough’s Liberty Trail and Streetscape projects.

Organizers often use colorful banners to help create a fun atmosphere at events like this.