Orthodontics centre arrives in Lansdale

January 19, 2018 by  

Exeter Orthodontics is now open in Lansdale, where orthodontists will provide residents of Horsham, Hatfield, and Lansdale itself with Invisalign braces and aligners.

The dentistry is new to Montgomery County, and will be providing these appliances to both adults and teens at for less than $4,000, according to an article in World News Report.

Dr. John Pardini, a Lansdale orthodontist, said his team believes “a smile changes everything,” which is why they are making high-quality orthodontic care more accessible and affordable to Montgomery County residents.

There are a number of differences between traditional braces and new treatments like aligners. They are made from different materials, the treatments are different lengths, and require different degrees of user compliance. Among these traits are the fact that traditional braces are bands of metal that are glued to the teeth and left in in mouth for an average of two years. Invisalign and similar products are made of a clear plastic material that patients have to wear from 22 to 24 hours every day, for approximately six to eighteen months.

Traditional braces are less expensive in general than traditional treatments, and do not require as much discipline on the part of the patient, since they cannot be removed. There are issues with both types, so orthodontists work closely with patients to determine their program.

When new offices like this open, managers can work with a postcard printing company to print cards announcing the service.