New orthodontics office opens in Lansdale

October 25, 2017 by  

Exeter Orthodontics, which provides orthodontic care to people throughout Eastern Pennsylvania, has opened a new office in Lansdale.

This is the eighth Exeter facility in the region; the company says it prides itself on offering low-priced, high-quality care to its patients, and welcomes residents of Willow Grove, Montgomeryville, Horsham, and Hatfield.

Exeter Orthodontics offers both traditional braces and the new Invisalign® product in Lansdale, for the same price. The figure for either treatment includes repairs, adjustments, x-rays and retainers. Traditional braces still require bands on the teeth, while Invisalign® straightens teeth gradually, using a series of clear plastic retainers, each slightly different, to move teeth into the desired position.

Exeter notes that when people decide to get braces, their first concern is usually not the dental aspects of the procedure, but the price. It has been difficult to find out what the procedure actually costs, and once the process is begun, there are a lot of hidden fees, such as charges for consultations, adjustments, and appliances. Exeter has changed that by charging one all-inclusive price, $3,995, for the entire treatment protocol, including visits, adjustments, the materials, x-rays, and so on.

Facilities like this can benefit if managers work with a brochure printing company to create informative brochures describing and illustrating the treatments available, and providing details of them.