Montgomery County wins grant

January 17, 2017 by  

Pennsylvania’s Department of Human Services has awarded Montgomery County, which includes the Borough of Lansdale, a $5,000 grant. The money was given to the county to assist in its “Supporting Families Initiative,” which helps disabled persons live fuller lives.

According to Tom Wolfe, Pennsylvania’s governor, the DHS awarded the grants to 19 “regional collaboratives” throughout the state, with the goal of helping communities assist everyone, including disabled persons and their families, to live full lives that include remaining healthy and safe, establishing friendships, finding meaningful work, and exploring spiritual and social opportunities. Wolfe said the government had asked counties to send in proposals telling DHS how they would create collaborations and partnerships to help support families in the local area for their entire lives.

Each of the county collaboratives that was considered works with businesses, schools, non-profits, and child care services to support the disabled, and people with autism, throughout their lives. According to statistics from the state of Pennsylvania, 75% of those who are intellectually disabled live in communities without any services specifically geared to assist them. Of the other 25% who do have access to services, most live with family members, making it vital that families receive support to help them support relatives who have disabilities.

Efforts like these can benefit if officials work with booklet printing companies to create materials to help agencies request similar awards.