Lansdale draws up proposed budget

November 28, 2016 by  

Lansdale has drafted a budget that includes a tax increase of 5% but it has yet to be finalized.

The borough council voted on November 16, to approve the draft of the budget, but council members anticipate having to revisit the issue before any binding legislation is passed. If the increase is approved, a homeowner whose property is assessed at $120,000, which is the average throughout the borough, would see his property taxes go up by about 52 cents weekly, or $27 annually.

Over the last few months, department heads and council members have talked about next year’s budget, and Jake Ziegler, the borough manager, revealed the results of the talks at the November 16 meeting.
According to the figures, the borough has operational expenditures amounting to $42,858,657, against revenues of $42,689,080—a shortfall of $169,577. Ziegler said it would be possible to “shift money around” to make up the deficient, but he says doing so is not really planning for the future and is only a stopgap measure.

Residents appear to understand the challenges facing the borough, and have expressed a desire for the council to implement a series of small increases yearly, rather than putting a large increase in place all at once.

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