Lansdale debates fate of outdated sign

March 16, 2017 by  

Local officials and residents are wondering what to do with an aging sign in Lansdale, according to an article in the Reporter News.

People arriving in Lansdale are welcomed by a sign located near the train station that shows the logos of various organizations, such as the Lions and Kiwanis, and gives meeting times, but the sign is beginning dated in terms of both its content and condition.

The lighthearted controversy started with a Facebook post from Candy Pack, who asked the ‘Citizens for the Revitalization of Lansdale’ group if something could be done, pointing out some of the organizations listed on the rusting sign were no longer in existence. Denton Burnell, president of the council, was more direct, saying the only way to describe the sign was ‘ugly’. One of the problems, according to Burnell, is that no one is sure whether the sign belongs to Lansdale or to Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA).

Andy Szekely, Lansdale’s mayor, said he asked officials what they thought of the sign as long ago as 2012, and was informed that Equus Capital Partners would be improving the area as they began developing apartments nearby—a project that has still not broken ground. Szekely said that he felt a “little elbow grease” would be all that was needed and added “let’s get some volunteers and take it down.”

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