California awards funds for electric trucks

August 29, 2016 by  

A grant of $9m from the state of California, by means of the program for California Climate Investments of the California Air Resources Board, will enable BYD, a leading manufacturer of electric cars and buses in China, to build 27 battery-electric trucks.

The trucks will be designed and built at the company’s Lancaster facility, which primarily produces electric buses. BYD represents ‘Build Your Dreams’.

These trucks will be four class-5 service vehicles and 23 class-8 yard trucks, and will replace diesel yard tractors and service trucks in the communities of San Bernadino, Fortuna and Commerce.

The yard trucks typically move heavy freight containers within distribution centers and freight warehouses over a short distance. The class-5 vehicles will be used by BNSF Railway at two of its intermodal service yards.

According to the president of BYD Motors, Stella Li, electrification can be used for various types of vehicles and not just cars. Using these trucks in daily operations will demonstrate that electric trucks can be scaled and used for any business or facility need in the United States.

The state of California might consider looking into printing brochures about these vehicles and distributing them to related companies to show that using these trucks will enable 3,250lb of nitrogen oxide, 170lb of diesel soot, and 3,500 tons of carbon dioxide to no longer be produced.